Saf Organic company, specialising in the supply of organic products direct from the producers.

Our company has located in the south east side of the Turkey, in Mesopotamia, where very high quality Organic products are produced since 10.000 years B.C. But they are sold at very low prices. In this region generally farmers and small manufacturers don’t have enough knowledge and experience on export, so they only sell their products in domestic market and mainly to the big manufacturers. One of our company missions is to lead these farmers and small companies, to learn exporting their products by their own self.

Generally trade is considered that the art of earning money. Form our company view the trade is satisfying human needs at a reasonable fee. So, for us the trade main aim is not earning as much as money, first aim is satisfying our clients as a result of this first aim we believe that we can earn profit. Our second mission is generalising this trade aim consideration.