Our company is specialised on marketing of organic products especially organic olive oil, and oil seeds such as black cumin seeds (Nigella Sativa), Sesame seeds, Pomegranate seeds etc.

Our main market is Japan so we can accept very low order quantities. Our clients are not only big importers even a retail shop in our main market is welcome as a client.

The olive oil producers in our region (the south east side of the Turkey, in Mesopotamia) has high quality product, in this region none of pesticide and chemical fertiliser is used. But also these producers sell their products the big companies in big barrels as bulk. The big companies sell this bulk olive oil to the Italian or Spain companies who bottle up olive oils and export them all around the world include Japan. But we purchase this olive oil directly from the farmers and can bottle up according to client demand and export directly to our client. Our company has an agreement with organic olive and olive oil producers union in Kilis (a small city in Mesopotamia that has isolated climate, and produce special olive oil). The union has 200 farmer members.

Briefly our clients can purchase high quality, low prices of organic olive oils and organic products in small order quantities. Is your supplier can offer these advantages?